A look at better days in the Palmetto State

About Palmetto Pathos

Palmetto Pathos is an examination of a Southern family, from their 1684 arrival in Pennsylvania to Southern Spartanburg County in the present.

With this Estate, I find myself in care of more than an old house and some dusty relics. Through stored and forgotten items, we can begin to piece together the stories of the Wealthy Planter, the Industrious Doctor, the Spinster Aunt, the Gadabout and through their keepsakes we can better understand life during their time. These are images of the photos, letters, and minutiae that accumulate as a family settles America over the course of three centuries.

Except where noted, all of the items posted were found in the Smith home place pictured in the masthead of the site. By publishing these documents I hope to share my common legacy with my brother, sisters, and cousins. If, through this site, someone finds a photograph or trace of a lost ancestor then so much the better.

So, as you visit please relax and enjoy yourself… The Smiths are nothing if not gracious hosts.

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  1. paulpurvis41 says:

    I have a complete recipe for Blackberry Acid and its uses. This is from an old family recipe.
    You are right the quantity shown in your recipe is wrong. Should be 1 Gallon whole berries. If you will contact me I’ll be glad to provide the correct recipe. Paul

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