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Intrigue and subterfuge…

A letter from B…J

At Home, April 4th 1866

Dear Minnie,

Will you oblige me by mailing the enclosed letter as soon as it is convenient and keeping the circumstance strictly secret? If so, and things turn out as I anticipate, it will be the greatest favor you have ever done me- and I shall consider myself under everlasting obligations. It is not expedient for me to explain matters now, but I will do so in the future. I have received your precious letter. I have not time to answer tonight, but you will hear from me again in a few days. Good bye Darling.

Believe me to be, the same



When folded, on the outside is written:

This is not an April fool or anything of that kind. It is really a serious matter and one upon which my happiness depends.

Minnie would have been 24 yrs old by that time, and already on her way to spinsterhood. And as happens in the lives of such women, it appears she was being enlisted to post surreptitious love letters for her friends.

These things have been replaced by Myspace and text messages.

Intrigue Intrigue

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Palmetto Pathos is an examination of a Southern family in Spartanburg County, SC from their arrival in the 1750's to the present. We post images of photos, letters, and minutiae that accumulated as a family has stayed in one place over the past two hundred and fifty years.


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